Katrina’s Story

Katrina and Mary Ellen

“When I first met Mary Ellen [site coordinator], God had previously revealed to me that I was to be a great woman of God. Now the question was, “how to get there”. Alone I viewed myself as mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually incapable of achieving much more than the mess of a life I was living. Until that day I had an excuse for every reason why I had not stepped out on faith to pursue my destiny. Mary Ellen shot down all excuses I laid before her. She told me none of my past mattered if I was willing to commit to my future. She told me that her dream for me was to watch me grow in Gods love.

Since that day I have committed myself to being honest, loving, patient, kind, and reliable. WOW! Could I really do it? None of these things described me up until that point.  Being a part of CWJC has been a form of stability for me, something I have been able to be sure of. This confidence is a first for me. I have seen what happens when you truly allow God to show up and show off in your life.

In my past I could not count on other women but today I can.  I have never trusted other women but today I do. I never knew love from a group of women but today I do.  I have never allowed women to see my emotional side but today I can.

CWJC is truly a blessing sent by God because alone, I would not have seen any of these things as possibilities. Today I walk in confidence that I am not alone. Mary Ellen is a woman who knows her way to your heart. She is not only the coordinator for CWJC, she is a sounding board, a joyful sound, a spiritual leader and a mender of hearts.  CWJC is more than just a Christian organization. For me it means correctly connecting a woman’s journey.”