New Beginnings for Andrea

by Selina Pate, former site coordinator of CWJC of Gaston County

In July, 2006, Andrea entered the CWJC of Gaston county office seeking assistance.  She had just moved to our community from a neighboring county.  A life filled with domestic violence sent her fleeing for safety.  With two young children in tow, she was desperate for a place to live.  A friend allowed her to stay temporarily, until she had to move on to a shelter.  From the shelter… to a family member’s home… to a church…back to the shelter.

During this time, Andrea entered into the Christian Women’s Job Corps ministry.  She completed the classroom training (which included life skills/employability training, bible study, emotional well being sessions, and food/nutrition classes).  She gleaned so much from the classes, and she graduated with perfect attendance!  Just a few weeks prior to graduation, she was able to move into her new home!  Her children began to receive the necessary services for their developmental needs, and Andrea was able to focus on seeking educational training.

A year later, CWJC is helping Andrea to pursue her goals of being a teacher’s assistant.  These are truly New Beginnings for Andrea…not only in her life but also New Beginnings is the name of the street on which she resides!  We truly praise God for how He has worked wonders in Andrea’s life.